Red Velvet Cake

30 min
30 min
Cake Ingredients
115g x Buttercup
150g x Castor Sugar
250g x Cake Flour
2 table spoon x Cocoa Powder
2 x Eggs (grade B)
1 tea spoon x Vanilla Essence
200ml x Buttermilk
1½ table spoon x Red Coloring
1 tea spoon x Apple Cider Vinegar / Vinegar
1 tea spoon x Baking Soda
Frosting ingredients
400g x Cream Cheese
100g x Krimwell
200g x Icing Sugar
1 tbsp x Whipping Cream
1. Beat Buttercup & sugar until fluffy.
2. Sift flour & cocoa together in a bowl. In another bowl, mix the red coloring with buttermilk then put aside.
3. Add the eggs into the Buttercup and sugar batter gradually.
4. Add vanilla essence into the batter. Then add to the batter alternately with the dry ingredients and the buttermilk.
5. Fold in a mixture of apple cider and baking soda. Pour the batter into 3 baking moulds.
6. Bake at 180°C for 15 minutes.

1. Beat all ingredients together until smooth.

To assemble, pipe frosting onto cake layers, and cover the whole cake with frosting. Decorate using your preferred nozzle.