Big Pot Luck

On the glorious Thursday morning of 17th April 2014, Buttercup in conjunction with the launch of Cinta Ketuhar Club held an event called The Big Potluck in the luxurious Starhill Culinary Studio. It was basically an event to introduce panelists of CKC alongside with the presentation of their creative dishes to the media. There were two categories involved – savory and sweet. The joyous event which began at 10.00 a.m. received a good response both from the media and the panelists. An introductory speech was given by the host to welcome guests, after which the panelists were invited to present their respective dishes to the media. It was entertaining to see each panelist’s humorous and creative way to engage the media for voting. There was a tasting session thereafter and panelists had the chance to have a personal interaction with the media to explain more about the specialty of their dish. Vote counting was done by Buttercup representatives at the end of the tasting session. Finally, the winners were announced by the host. Congratulations to all panelists of Cinta Ketuhar Club for sharing their unique dishes and heartwarming stories.

Buttercup Cinta Ketuhar Club will continue to carry many other activities to promote and share the happiness and love for baking amongst the community through the appearance of our extinguished panelists.