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Rozalawati Ngah (Kak Roza)

Our star of the month is Rozalawati Ngah or also known as Kak Roza. She started off by just baking for her family and friends, but a little support and push from them has inspired her to start selling cakes on her blog, D’Little Kitchen. Even though she sells her cakes online, that is more than enough for her since it is just a part time job. Kak Roza has been mingling in the baking business for five years and the thought of quitting the baking business has never occurred to her. The satisfaction of finishing a proper decoration on a delicious cake is all that matters to her. This explains the neat decorative designs on her cakes. Kak Roza also uses Buttercup as the butter of her choice not just because of the taste but because it has been part of her family tradition since she was little.
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