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Hajjah Zaine binti Puteh

This month’s star from Cinta Ketuhar Club is Hajjah Zaine binti Puteh or also known as Zaine Puteh or Ibu Zaine. Ibu Zaine hails from Penang and now lives in Shah Alam.
This 62-year-old single mother of two has been involved in the baking world since the early 90’s and is still active until now. Apart from selling her baking goods, you can also find Ibu Zaine’s name in many local magazines where she shares her recipes. Apart from that, Ibu Zaine also shares her baking knowledge through classes conducted at her home. Ibu Zaine carries out her business online through her Facebook account ‘Zaine Macarons’ and Instagram account @zaineputeh. As evident from her Facebook account name, Ibu Zaine’s special is her macarons made from her own recipe. What makes her macarons special is that they are not too sweet – just nice!
Buttercup has been with Ibu Zaine ever since she started in the baking world and until now. Ibu Zaine chooses Buttercup as her ingredient of choice because it makes cookies that last longer and doesn’t become rancid. Besides that, Buttercup is also the healthier choice for her because it is free from trans-fat.
A tip from Ibu Zaine to budding bakers out there – make sure you are always honest, sincere and trustworthy in everything you do. These three qualities are really important and will help you to gain your customers’ confidence in you.
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