Strawberry Snow

45 min
30 min
250g Buttercup
2tbs of ghee
100g of caster sugar
1tsp of strawberry paste
2 tbs of strawberry deco
40g of dried coconut
60g of watermelon seeds (Blended)
60g of oat
2tbs of cofeemate
1 tbs of rice flour
70g of corn flour
260g of wheat flour
160g of powdered milk
60g icing sugar
1. Whip Ingredient A smoothly. Add on Ingredient B and whip it thoroughly. Knead it until It becomes a dough.

2. Grind down and trace it according to its mold.

3. Bake it at 150°C for about 15- 20 minutes. Let the biscuits cool off for a while.

4. Mix all the decorative ingredients. Add the biscuits into the mixture.